“In my experience, without some help or intervention, grief can take more than an emotional toll. It can also undermine the efficiency, innovation and productivity of office life. I realize this may sound cold or unsympathetic, but it’s a reality managers and other leaders must deal with: the dilemma of trying to maintain business as usual while allowing for the natural and necessary progression of grief and/or co-worker sympathy & support. This is not easy or intuitive, but it is possible.”

If you are at a crossroads, personally or professionally and would like some pragmatic, skill-focused coaching, Highwire staff can help you one-time or 100 times. Typical clients range from overwhelmed new managers to individuals navigating and balancing caretaking with their family members and/or their jobs.

Services for individuals include:


No-nonsense feedback, advice, skill-building, and resource identification

Mediation Services

Coaching through relationship repair, collaborative communication, and active listening techniques

Grief & Serious Illness

Private or workplace consultations including personal loss, managing grief, and recovery

Communication & Conflict

Communication styles, conflict resolution strategies, and building emotional intelligence